AmericanLIFE, founded in San Francisco, USA, is an institute providing services in the fields of overseas education consultancy and foreign language learning.

The infrastructure of AmericanLIFE consists of,

the experiences of ACADEMIX Overseas Education Consultancy Company who represents more than 250 schools in 30 countries, and a2 Fair Organization who runs international language teaching fairs in 8 countries for 12 years and a 55 year-long accumulation of our very own experience in the field of private education.

American and Canadian language teaching experts provide the consultancy for AmericanLIFE. In addition, AmericanLIFE has also shown its credentials in the international circles by signing a collaboration and distributorship agreement with Roosevelt University. Within the scope of this agreement, AmericanLIFE has the right to officially represent Roosevelt University in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Morocco, Iraq, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Russia and Ukraine.

AmericanLIFE also has offices in the offices of Roosevelt University in Downtown Chicago and Schaumburg campuses.