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Eğitim Programlarımız

Education Programs

You can choose the language education program that suits you the most by looking at our programs, and make our education counsellor call you to give you further information…

İngilizce Seviye Tespit Sınavı

English Placement Exam

By taking the English Placement Exam that we have prepared particularly for you, you can learn your level of English right now and free of charge. If you wish, you may fill in the registration form and start enjoying our discounts and knock-down prices!

Çoklu Zeka Testi

Multiple Intelligence Test

The test you’re going to fill in will act as a guide for our teachers to identify a learning method that is suitable for your child’s needs and interests. Detailed information about your child’s test results…

Çocuklar ve gençler için İNGİLİZCE!

English For Kids and Teenagers

Teenglish is specific for kids and youngsters who want to do their English homework easily, who want to come up with intriguing projects and who want to watch series and movies in their own language.

Yurtiçi Yurtdışı Temsilciliklerimiz

Our Branches – Domestic and Overseas

In our nearest branch, you may go and enjoy our education programs prepared by our expert crew for our knock-down prices.

American LIFE Franchise

American LIFE Franchising

American LIFE presents a fully-fledged operational model to the investors who want to enjoy a stable and beneficial professional career through an established but growing brand in the field of international language education.